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1/6 Shih Kien "Mr. Han" (Enter the Dragon)


Shih Kien (1 January 1913 – 3 June 2009) was a Hong Kong-based Chinese actor. Shih is best known for playing antagonists and villains in several early Hong Kong martial arts films that dated back to the black-and-white period. To Western audiences, Shih is most familiar for his portrayal of the primary villain, Mr. Han, in the 1973 martial arts film Enter the Dragon, which starred the legendary Bruce Lee.

Please note: The background dioramas and certain accessories together with the Bruce Lee figures shown in the pictures below are for display only and NOT included in this listing.

Disclaimer: Each figure is hand-made by MB Custom Figures. Therefore slight imperfections and variations from the pictures below may occur.

The 1/6th scale Shih Kien collectible figure features everything listed below and seen in the LAST picture entitled “Included in this listing”:

  • Authentic likeness of Shih Kien as seen in his role as Bruce Lee’s opponent Mr. Han in Enter the Dragon

  • One (1) newly sculpted head

  • Figure body with over 30 points of articulation

  • One (1) pair of interchangeable gloved hands including:
    – One (1) right fist
    – One (1) left open hand

  • One (1) pair of interchangeable weapon hands including:
    – One (1) left knife-hand. Knife hand is available in two separate versions
    (a) with REAL carbon steel blades (see image entitled "metal blade knife hand").
    Caution: blades are very sharp. Keep away from children!

(b) with resin blades (see image entitled "regular knife hand)

– One (1) left bear claw

  • One (1) full set of clothing including:
    – One (1) brown coat
    – One (1) white shirt
    – One (1) pair of brown pants
    – One (1) belt
    – One (1) pair of black socks
    – One (1) pair of black shoes

  • Certificate of Authentication with figure serial number from MB Custom Figures

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