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1/6 Chong Li (Bloodsport) regular body


Bloodsport is a 1988 American martial arts action film directed by Newt Arnold and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as Frank Dux and Bolo Yeung as Chong Li.​

Disclaimer: Each figure is hand made by MB Custom Figures. Therefore slight imperfections and variations from the pictures below may occur.

The 1/6th scale Chong Li collectible figure features everything listed below and seen in the LAST pictures entitled "Included in this listing/Regular edition" and "Included in this listing/Collectors edition":

Regular edition

  • One (1) newly sculpted head by M. Burger of Bolo Yeung as Chong Li from Bloodsport. Head features imitation glass eyes

  • Newly developed muscular figure body with over 20 points of articulation

  • Interchangeable hands including:
    – One (1) pair of relaxed hands
    – One (1) pair of fist

– One (1) right hand with pointing index finger

  • Martial arts clothing including:
    – One (1) pair of red/black shorts with Chinese characters
    – One (1) red belt ribbon
    – One (1) brown "Harley Davidson" bandana (removable from shin)

  • Certificate of Authentication with figure serial number from MB Custom Figures

Collector's edition

The Collectors edition comes with everything featured in the Regular edition plus the following items:

  • One (1) additional newly sculpted angry head by M. Burger of Bolo Yeung as Chong Li from Bloodsport. Head features imitation glass eyes and realistic teeth.

  • Additional clothing:

– One (1) pair of black martial arts pants

– One (1) red martial arts robe

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